3 Questions to Ask Before You Choose Your Interactive Display

There are so many makes and models out there it can be a challenge to choose what HD interactive display is the best fit for your classroom. Before you make a decision, ask yourself these five questions.

Interactive display for teaching

1. How easy is an interactive display to use?

Learning and teaching can be a costly exercise, not to mention a logistical nightmare. With staff changes occurring frequently and substitute teachers regularly teaching from classrooms they are unfamiliar, your classroom tech must be easy to use.  

Are there training videos? Is there a How-To Guide?  These are all questions to ask when purchasing new technology for your school. The best way to do this is to present the product. Most reputable manufacturers like ValueTek will arrange a demo display to show the goods online so users can feel them out.  

2. Is it remote-ready?

Over the past two years, we’ve all gotten used to working and learning remotely, and we must be prepared for it to happen again. With teachers and students needing to isolate themselves at home, it’s vital that your technology can support a blended classroom.  

Can you record the lesson with audio? Can you open files from Cloud drives?   Think about how you taught during lockdowns, and ensure that your choice works with your new tech.  

3. Does it foster collaboration and interaction?

Students are more engaged when they are actively involved. Whether that means coming up to the front-of-class screen or interacting with the screen via individual tablets or laptops.

Choosing an interactive display is crucial – that means that it will work with any device and any network. It’s particularly important in secondary and higher education, where students are more likely to bring their own devices from home. The display must be able to share content to any device, including Android, Apple, Chrome, and Windows.

Check how screen sharing works on your chosen interactive screen. Do you have to download an app? Is it secure? Can you share content both ways? Does it share audio, visual, and touch?

To find out more about making your decision, speak to ValueSTek.