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Z Generation ValueHub Pro+

Born for Extreme Perfection

Z Generation ValueHub Pro+ is a premium All-in-One collaboration display with powerful performance, which integrates camera, microphones, speaker, and touch panel.  It can be widely used in Education, Training, Conference, Display, Searching and more scenarios. The unique patented appearance design is a perfect combination of technology and tradition. It represents the pinnacle of sophisticated design and technological innovation.

As the flagship of ValueHub, Z Generation ValueHub Pro+ delivers the best performance and quality among interactive displays. Built-in 8-core CPU and GPU, up to 128GB Flash, it can run faster and smoother and keep more things you need for teaching and meeting. 4K UHD resolution and three-way professional loudspeakers bring you clarity and breathtaking audio and visuals experience. Features Zero Bonding Technology and 20 points IR Touch for more natural handwriting and significantly enhanced touch experience. Additionally, Z Generation ValueHub Pro+ is coming with 8MP auto-tracking camera and automatic echo suppression 6-Array microphones bringing you remote video conference with immersive experience.

Z Generation



ValueHub Pro+ has got patent for our unique appearance design which is inspired by the design of the traditional Chinese furniture, sustaining its quality through age and obtaining an artistic sense of beauty.

With the location at the side of display and same height with people eyes when sitting, the built-in camera provides the optimal camera angle to participants.

ValueHub Pro+ Interactive Display features Zero Bonding Technology and more faster and advanced IR Touch solution to deliver more natural handwriting and significantly enhanced touch experience using pen bin with nano material.

Run with Optimal Performance,
Think Fast Move Faster

Designed with dual OS system, ValueHub Pro+ adopts the industry’s top hardware configuration solution, which makes it own extremely strong performance. It can bring you a polished using experience.

Android+Windows Dual OS

Supporting to run dual OS systems, Valuehub pro+ can switch at will between Android and Windows. Both systems adopt the industry’s top hardware configuration scheme and have extremely strong performance. With Android 11.0 Version and Quad core ARM Cortex-A73 + Quad core Cortex- A53 CPU&G52*8(8 Core) GPU,Up to 8GB LPDDR4 + 128 GB on board Flash, the performance is improved by more than 2 times comparing to the previous generation.

Slot OPS computer is optional with higher configurations like Intel 10th generation i7 CPU. Manufacturing with 14nm process technology, the CPU design is Comet Lake, with 8-core and 16 threads to enable easy and smooth handling of multiple tasks.

300% Performance Improvement

Compared with the previous D series and Z Generation interactive displays ( ValueHub, ValueHub Pro and ValueHub Pro+ ) , there is a significant improvement in image processing and computing speed. According to the third-party testing software, the performance of Z Generation is 300% higher than that of D series.

4K UHD resolution delivers clarity and breathtaking visuals for realism.

ValueHub Pro+ features a 4K Ultra HD display, supporting up to 3840*2160 resolution. With a wider color gamut and HDR, 4K UHD displays everything in details more vivid and perfect. The anti blue-light technology can effectively protect your eyesight.

4K Ultra HD Resolution

ValueHub Pro+ Interactive Display 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 display ensures clarity and delivers breathtaking visuals. Every presentation, every image and every video you share will be reproduced clearly and accurately.

Smart Eye-Protected Solution

Parents and teachers worry about children’s eyes a lot nowadays with electronic environment around. For an eye-protected, smooth and comfortable viewing experience, ValueHub Pro+ Interactive Display has technology to reach Low Flicker, Low Blue Light and Anti-Glare features on the screen.

HDR-High Dynamic Range

HDR technology improves the range of light layers on your displays. It allows you to appreciate the rich color levels even in dark scenes and feel the visual variation of details between light and dark, giving you insight into more details.

Hear clearly with a genuine and immersive listening experience

With built-in three-way professional loudspeakers, ValueHub Pro+ gains a wider frequency response range and more accurate sound output capabilities than ordinary single-way speakers.

The unique inward tilt of the speakers on both sides allows the sound output to be more concentrated in the middle effective area. With the 40W output power, you can hear clearly even in a large size and noisy environment.

Highly Sensitive and Wider Frequency-Domain Speakers

Offering two three-way professional loudspeakers to restore the sound of different frequency bands, unleashes a powerful bass, warm and clean mids, bright and clear highs. It has a wider frequency response range and better restoration, and truly restores the sound environment that it should be, comparable to professional audio.

40W Shocking Sound

With a total of 40W super power output and the unique speaker tilted inward by 16 degrees, ValueHub PRO+ effectively counters obstacles to clear sound transmission, improving uniformity in rooms. Even in a noisy classroom, every corner of the room can be heard clearly.

Draw, write and inspire new ideas

No matter how advanced the technology may be, people still like to write on paper.

Z Generation ValueHub Pro+ gives you a smooth, natural pen-to-paper-like writing experience – smooth, accurate, with a rustle of the nib, as if you were writing on paper.
Equipped with an ultra-high speed precision multi-point touch screen, Z Generation ValueHub Pro+ accurately remodels a traditional writing platform. Offering specially treated tempered glass and a flexible stylus tip to make contact as natural as writing on paper.
Plus, object recognition technology that can recognize two different nib sizes, supporting two different styles of handwriting. And, if you accidentally made a mistake, you can gently erase it with your palm – another ‘natural’ feature, loaded with technology.

High-speed Infrared Multi-touch

Equipped with an ultra-high speed infrared multi-point touch screen, Z Generation ValueHub Pro+ supports up to 20 unique touch points with full multi-user interactivity. Combined with the high-speed graphics processing algorithm, handwriting is simultaneously displayed wherever the pen tip goes. Plus, the high-precision positioning capability ensures accurate reproduction of the display track and the real writing track, maximizing the smooth and track reproduction.

Dual Pen & Dual Color

Whether on Windows or Android, the ValueHub Pro+ can recognize two different nib sizes, enabling two people to write in different colors and thicknesses at the same time, or even one person writing and the other erasing without interfering with each other.

Zero Bonding Technology

With tempered protective glass with hardness up to 7H in front of the screen and coated with high-tech nano-materials, ValueHub Pro+ can effectively reduce screen reflection and make writing on the glass feel very close to pen-to-paper writing experience. With Zero Bonding technology, it can minimize visual errors.

Object Recognition Technology

Supported by object recognition technology and Windows ink touch protocol, ValueHub Pro+ can automatically recognize and switch among pens, tools, touch, multi-finger gestures and erasing, and support in different APP applications.

From classic, beyond classic

Inspired by the design of the traditional Chinese furniture Qiaotou An and in accordance with ergonomics, Z Generation ValueHub Pro+ creatively set the camera at the same height with the human eyes at the side of the interactive display, and rotates the lens inward by 16°, making the picture captured by the camera exactly same as the viewing angle seen by the on-site participants. It also improves the sound effect. We have got a national patent certificate for its unique appearance design.

Innovative Camera Design

Z Generation ValueHub Pro+ creatively set the camera at the same height with the human eyes at the side of the interactive display, and rotates the lens inward by 16°, making the picture captured by the camera exactly same as the viewing angle seen by the on-site participants. With AI auto face-tracking technology, the camera will adjust its position and zoom to find and frame everyone in the room to keep participants been focused in the picture. Plus, it features 8MP high resolution, auto white balance and 2D/3D noise reduction technology to ensure excellent clarity even partial enlarge the picture.

More Natural Viewing Angle

With an ultra-wide of 114°viewing angle and setting at the same height with the human eyes at the side of the IFP, ValueHub Pro+ brings more natural and comfortable virtual face-to-face experience.

AI Auto-Tracking

With AI auto face-tracking technology, the camera will adjust its position and zoom to find and frame everyone in the room to keep participants been focused in the picture.
With AI auto face-tracking technology, the camera will automatically zoom to find and frame everyone in the room and adjust to achieve the best angle based on the number of participants and their location – you’ll feel like you’re communicating in person.

8-meter Voice Pickup Range

Equipped with 6-Array microphones and noise cancellation and 8-meter voice pickup range, ValueHub Pro+ makes sure everyone is heard clearly, even whispering. The built-in echo cancellation ensures every remote participant is able to hear clearly.

More sharing, more wonderful

The newly upgraded Z Generation ValueHub Pro+ offers a variety of wireless solutions to show case your creativity in seamless collaboration:
A newly added USB Type-C port shares the screen to the Z Generation ValueHub Pro+ and enables reverse touch control from the touch screen. Carrying video & audio, touch signals and charging with a single cable, 3-in-1, which is more concise and convenient than traditional methods for you to deliver interactive and engaging content without any hassle.
Mobile terminal-mirroring: Smart, wireless sharing from multiple devices to up to 9 screens simultaneously to support and highlight the productivity of your team.

Wireless Screen Mirroring

Mobile terminal-mirroring: Smart, wireless sharing from multiple devices to up to 9 screens simultaneously to support and highlight the productivity of your team.It supports multiple systems including iOS, Android, Windows etc. for screen sharing. Even in video conferencing, it can support remote users to share their screen to the panel.

3-in-1 Type-C

As more and more devices equip Type-C, in order to better connect and share with various mobile devices, including cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.
a newly added USB Type-C port shares the screen to the Z Generation ValueHub Pro+ and enables reverse touch control from the touch screen. Carrying video & audio, touch signals and charging with a single cable, 3-in-1, which is more concise and convenient than traditional methods for you to deliver interactive and engaging content without any hassle.

One Click for Screen Sharing

Wireless screen-mirroring: Just plug in the USB dongle and click the button − the content on the PC can be then presented on the Z Generation ValueHub Pro + screen, increasing visibility and engagement in larger spaces. Plus, two-way mirroring and control to make sure that your important information will not be missed.

Unlock Unlimited Possibilities with Open Platform

With intuitive and friendly interface, ValueHub Pro+ is easily used. All device operations can be done through the touch menu including volume level, screen brightness, etc.. The system is pre-installed with Android Store, Google Play to support you to install more APPs.


Designed with 4K resolution and intuitive interface, ValueHub Pro+ will give you a breathtaking visual impact, which is a very different experience compared to 1080P UI. During the switching process, the 4K UI is able to perform the corresponding operations smoothly and has a good control experience. You can also choose different UI styles and custom desktop backgrounds according to your personal preferences. It brings more convenient control and more scientific human-computer interaction experience.

Multi-tasking Split Screen

Supported by multitasking split screen operation, ValueHub Pro+ allows you to split the screen into two and run different applications working independently without affecting each other. For example, when discussing a design, we can open a notebook function to record the results of the discussion. Or, we can open two programs at the same time for comparison and analysis.

Arbitrary Channel Annotation

No matter what content is displayed on the screen, what device the content comes from, just pick up the pen and annotate. You can save the annotated content and share by scanning the QR code. Arbitrary Channel Annotation can achieve the perfect integration of the annotation function with any display content, operating system, and Apps.

Infinite Extensions

Based on Android 11.0, ValueHub Pro+ is built-in with many applications such as ValueBoard/ VIP, video conferencing and various tools such as alarm clock, screenshot, searchlight, etc.. It is also pre-installed with Google play to support downloading and installing any application you like. 128GB ROM is available to support your unlimited application needs.

Think More for Education and Future

For educational application scenarios, ValueHub PRO+ provides a professional ValueBoard-Edu, which provides various and professional teaching tools, as well as a free training course system for teachers to learn how to use it more easier and quicker.

Variety of Teaching Tools

Valueboard-Edu provides a variety of teaching tools to make the class lively and interesting, such as different writing pens, erasers, triangle, ruler, circle gauge, protractor, timers, calculators, curtains, searchlights, etc.

Professional Subject Teaching Tools

Valueboard-Edu provides professional subject teaching tools for different subjects. Every teacher can find the tools they need to make teaching easier.

Find out how the Valueboard-Edu can transform your classroom, download it from the link below and try it out. (For windows OS)

ValueClass – Unlimited Education Cloud Service

Teachers can upload their courseware to ValueClass – cloud-based application- in their personal accounts. They just need to login their personal accounts and use the courseware and resources in the ValueClass for classroom teaching. Teachers can also assign homework to students and check the status of homework submission through the ValueClass.

DMS makes device management easier

ValueDMS is provided to the school administrator who can use the system to learn the working status of the ValueHubs installed in multiple classrooms, remotely update and install Apps, deliver a message to all ValueHubs, turn the screen on/off or ring at a fixed time. DMS makes the management of devices remotely much easier for administrators.

Excellent Quality and Service

ValueSTek has awarded a series of quality management system certifications such as ISO 9000. With a modern production line, we have very strict quality control measures for raw material supply, production and processing process, logistics delivery and after-sales service. We also provide detailed training courses for users and technical & sales support services for all of our partners.

37 Months Free Warranty

ValueHub Pro+ comes with a 37-month free warranty. Within 37 months from the date of delivery, ValueSTek promises free parts or repair services, free software upgrades, and free online technical support services for any quality issues.

Free Training

ValueSTek offers free training service to help users get familiar with the features and usage of the product in short time .

Sales Support

ValueSTek provides sales support services to our partners, including free promotional materials, supplies, project proposal development, bidding support, as well as project implementation and after-sales support.

Application Scenarios

ValueSTek’s products and solutions can be used for various environments such as Smart Education, Business Meeting, Intelligent Retail, Media Advertising, Smart Governmental Services and other industries.

Center of every learning environment

Create dynamic interactive environments for classroom that engage students and empower teachers.

Transform how you do business

Create flexible, dynamic workspaces that let team members contribute from any location or device – leading to faster results.

Explore new world for both business and consumer

Interactive displays empower customers to get involved – from touch screens to mobile devices to kiosks, adding interactivity to a digital signage network opens up new worlds of possibility for both business and consumer.

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Z Generation ValueHub Pro+ Interative Display Specification
Model VT-PD75Z-Pro+ VT-PD86Z-Pro+ VT-PD98Z-Pro+
Overall Frame color Black
Material Aluminium metllicum (front)+metal (back)
Feature Narrow bezel, more natural touch feeling, 2 handles for easier moving
Display Diagonal size 75 inch 86 inch 98 inch
Effective display area 1652.5(H)*929(V)mm 1897.04(H)*1068(V)mm 2160(H)*1218(V)mm
Contrast ratio 4000:1 4000:1 4000:1
Aspect ratio 16:9
Brightness 400cd/
Backlight DLED
Viewing angle 178°(V)/178°(H)
Refresh rate 60 Hz
Resolution 3840H) X 2160(V)
Response time ≤ 5 ms
Glass Fully heat-tempered anti-glare glass that resists smudges and fingerprintproviding paper-touch experience
Glass thickness 4 mm. Features Zero Bonding Technology for an upgraded touch resolution with a minimized contact height for more natural handwriting and significantly enhanced touch experience. Optical Bonding Technology is optional. 4 mm. Features Optical Bonding Technology for an upgraded touch resolution with a minimized contact height for more natural handwriting and significantly enhanced touch experience.
Built-in Android experience CPU ARM Cortex-A73*4 + Cortex-A53 *4(4 Core+4 Core)
GPU G52*8(8 Core) 2.28GHz
Version Android 11.0.0
ROM 128 GB
Compatible video format MPEG-2/4, AVS, H.264, H.265, AV1, VP8, VP9…
audio format MPEG1/2 layer I/II, AAC, PCM…
Front port
Back port
USB-C 3.0*1, 
RJ45 IN*1, 
RJ45 OUT*1, 
DP IN*1, 
USB 3.0*2(Public), 
Speaker Power up to 2×20 W (Left speaker + Right speaker) (150Hz~15KHz). Features 2.0 channel speaker. Each speaker consists 3-way speaker including high-units, mid-units and bass. Helps reproduce sound in the most realistic and vivid way. The speakers are arranged at an angle of 164 degrees compared to the display screen, helping the sound to be focused and distributed evenly in the classroom space.The speakers faithfully reproduce sound signals in real time, bringing you high fidelity audio exactly as it was meant to be heard.
Bluetooth Built-in
WiFi Built-in
Interactive experience Touch technology Zero Bonding Technology with advanced Infrared touch Optical Bonding Technology with advanced Infrared touch
Touch point 20 Points
Response time 3.3ms
Accuracy ±0.5mm90% active area located in middle). Offers higher accurate touch detection that delivers more smoother and realistic writing experience than ever. Users can write quickly and accurately without disruption using a pen or their fingers.
Minimum object size 2mmMin. Gap between touches >25mm)
Touch screen sensor mode Finger, writing pen or other non transparent touch sensitive medium
Resolution of touch screen 32768 x 32768
Anti-Interference 80000 Lux
Support system Android/ Windows/ MAC(1Point)
Object recognition Both thick and thin pens can be recognized (in different colors) and recognize large objects as erasers.
Touch pen 1 piece of pen with both thick and thin pen points, carried by magnetic tray; 2 whiteboard pens.
4KVRelease to ground by USB interface, 
8KVRelease to air with direct connection.
Camera Lens M12 (12mm in Diameter)
Sensor 8 million pixels
Installation location Built-in camera has been fixed on the right frame of the display, 100mm down from the center line of the right frame, to keep same visual level when sitting for more nature virtual face-to-face experience, no more feel of being monitored under a built-in camera on the top of display.
View angle 126° (D)/ 120° (H)/ 85° (V)
Iris F2.5
Focal length 2.72mm
Min. Illumination 0.5Lux (F1.8, AGC ON)
Focus Manual
Electronic shutter Auto / Manual
Video adjustment Brightness, Sharpness, Saturation, Contrast, White Balance, Gain,  Anti-scintillation, Low Brightness Compensation etc. can be adjusted. The ISP processing technology and algorithm provide vivid image, uniform picture brightness strong light and color layers, high definition and excellent color reproduction.
SNR ≥50dB
Image format
MJPG3840*2160P30/25,  1920*1080/1600*896 /1280*720 /1024*576 /960*540 /800*600/800*448 /720*576, 
H2643840*2160P30/25,  1920*1080/1600*896 /1280*720 /1024*576 /960*540 /800*600/800*448 /720*576, 
YUY21920*1080/1600*896 /1280*720 /1024*576 /960*540 /800*600/800*448 /720*576, 
NV121920*1080/1600*896 /1280*720 /1024*576 /960*540 /800*600/800*448 /720*576
Image bit streams Support dual-stream output
Video Compression MJPEG, YUY2, H264, H265, NV12
Microphones Microphones array MEMS Microphone
Microphones array 6-element
Pickup distance 8 meters
Frequency response 120 Hz–16 kHz
AI intelligent algorithms AI face tracking With a variety of advanced AI intelligent algorithms, it can automatically adjust camera position according to the number of participants and changes in location, presenting the best framing.
Echo Cancelling The echo cancelling algorithm samples the sound from loudspeaker and send to Microphone, then and cancels out echo, therefore delivering a clearer voice.
Storage and operating requirements Power supply 110-240V~50/60Hz 110-240V~50/60Hz 110-240V~50/60Hz
Power consumption ≤300W ≤400W ≤550W
Standby consumption ≤0.5W ≤0.5W ≤0.5W
Storage temperature 20  60
Storage humidity 10%RH  90%RH
Working temperature 0  50
Working humidity 10%RH  90%RH
Lifetime More than 60000 hours
Others Dimension 1820x993x103mm 2065x1132x125mm 2305*1287*113mm
Net weight 58KGS 81KGS 105KGS
Gross weight 68KGS 93KGS 120KGS
Package size 1931x1149x235mm 2158x1330x235mm 2436*1500*250mm
VESA mounting 600Hx 400Vmm 800Hx 600Vmm 800Hx 600Vmm
Bracket Yes Yes Yes
Power cable Yes Yes Yes
OPS PC Different configuration for option. 8th-12th Gen, CPU: I7/ I5, RAM: 8GB/ 16GB, Flash: 512GB/ 256GB/ 128GB SSD/ 500HDD/ 1TB HDD
Optional Accessories Wireless dongle, Type-C cable, Mobile stand
Certificates CE, FCC, RoHS
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Professional and Perfect Service from ValueTek

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The warranty does not cover:

1. Mechanical or electric damages resulting from incorrect installation, configuration, usage.

2. Damages resulting from activities inconsistent with the operation manual or contradictory to technical specifications attached to the device.

3. Damages due to the user’s fault or lack of knowledge.


Q: Are you factory or trading company?

A: We are a OEM/ODM factory. ValueTek is one of the biggest manufacturers of intelligent display  

Q: Can I get some samples?

A: Sample order is welcome. Price would be negotiated based on bigger quantity.

Q: Is it possible to have my logo on the products?

A: Yes. Please send your logo files to us first. Then we will offer you a solution. But we have MOQ for logo customized, MOQ depends on different products.

Q:What payment methods do your company accept?

A: We accept most of the payment methods, but mainly accept T/T, Western Union. 

Q: Can you help me to customize my own products?

A: Sure. We have strong ability to customize your products. Please send us the details requirements, then our team will provide you a suitable solution soon.

Q: What is the warranty for your products?

A: Our standard warranty is 1 year. But customers can choose to extend warranty to 2 years or 3 years.

Q: What brand of screen are you using?

A: We are using A+ level full new original LCD panel from Samsung, LG, AUO and BOE.

Q: When will you make the delivery?

A: We can make the delivery within 5-25 working days according to different models and quantities of your order.

Q: What is your after-sale service?

A: Within the warranty, if it is the problem of products quality, non-artificial damage, we will ship new parts to customers for replacement of the broken parts, or customers ship the products back to our factory for repairing.

Q: I bought this LCD display, how to use and install it?

A: The products instructions and user’s manual can be sent to you when you receive the goods. and the video of installing also can help you to know it better. If you have other question, our engineers also can provide you great support online.