build a multimedia interactive classroom

Interactive Classroom Solution

For many adults, memories of their classroom learning experience likely include an image of squinting students shifting around the room and dodging each other’s heads while trying fruitlessly to copy down class notes. Thankfully, today’s students are fortunate. Because a classroom that uses the newest generation of multimedia equipment as core to build a multimedia interactive classroom to present rich digital content such as images, videos, PowerPoint, etc., for lessons. Even with education-designed software, ValueBoard-Edu makes engaging teachers and students more accessible than ever.

How to Create Interactive Classroom Solution?

An interactive classroom is needed urgently. But what equipment will help, and how to build it?

Your questions, ValueTek answers right now: Easy! The most straightforward solution in an interactive classroom includes an Interactive Display, a document camera, an OPS mini PC, and education-designed software ValueBoard-Edu. ValueHub Interactive Display is an all-in-one design with a flat panel, two front speakers, and Android OS for annotating anywhere. For more collaborative and inspiring lessons, slot ValueOPS mini PC comes with abundant educational software and courseware teachers can use for class. Document camera quickly makes it easy to show everything from writing samples to specimens up close and allow students to showcase their work in real time or give a formal class presentation. For education-designed software ValueBoard-Edu with multiple working modes, delivers the perfect combination of videos, pictures, PowerPoint, and other resources with different courseware. Rich and funny teaching tools help teachers to create their teaching material with ease and with more engagement.

Interactivity And Collaboration

Teachers and students can touch, write, and annotate on the panel. Bring interactivity and Collaboration with rich teaching tools to the classrooms.

Add Life To Your Lessons

With the simple integration with document camera and ValueHub to view and capture, write over content, help students prep their notebooks by using the document camera to show them how to set expectations, establish strategies for note-taking, create smart routines, and more. Add more life to the lessons and create better connections with every student.

Smart Lesson

Engage students learning by connecting students’ laptops or tablets, courseware, and classroom practice from the teachers’ side can be shared to laptops and tables at a second. Teachers can have a comprehensive acknowledge of the status of what students answer and what they have learned from the lesson in real time.

Interactive Education

Teachers and students use audio and videos, images, etc. to interact intuitively with digital content on the ValueHub, increasing engagement and knowledge retention.

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