4 Tips for Buying Interactive Screens

Large screens have been widely used in modern society, including various business places, administrative halls, conference centers, and command centers. However, of the existing application functions, most of them are still mainly in one-way propaganda of pictures and text. Because of its single function, inconvenient maintenance, and limited display content, many large screens have been reduced to a face project, which is far from playing its due value relative to the cost of purchase.

Interactive displays are great for helping you conduct meetings

The interactive screen upgrades the large screen to a system with advanced functions and simple operation and maintenance, which is highly recommended by many users in the market.

The interactive screen is the main carrier of the product architecture of ValueSTek Intelligent Interactive Network and a display terminal of the intelligent interactive terminal. It has a variety of human-computer interaction modes and efficient information fusion display functions. Cooperating with the entire Smart Interactive network, it can also play a variety of command, display, and communication roles. Intelligent Interactive Network is a product independently developed by ValueSTek Science and Technology. It has more than 100 patented technologies and has reached the leading level in China and the world.

At present, the common large-screen terminals in the market are LED displays, LCD displays, and DLP displays. By upgrading and improving these large screens, they can become interactive large screens.

But not all interactive large screens can have the feature of ValueSTek Intelligent Interactive Screen. If you want to purchase an interactive screen, you can measure the value of an interactive screen by referring to the following four main feature features.

Advanced human-computer interaction

ValueSTek Intelligent Interactive Screen supports 13 immersive interactive experiences of human-computer natural interaction, such as touch, pointer, digital pen, remote control, etc. It can satisfy the user’s demand for arbitrary display + interaction, and give users a science-fiction experience. It can help organizers reduce construction, use, maintenance, and upgrade costs, help design companies reduce the difficulty of work, and focus on customer needs such as presentation content and style communication.

Safety assurance system

ValueSTek Intelligent Interactive Large Screen ensures the security of the data source system through the technology of digital display separation, single-network single-transfer, and data independence. Security of applications through identity recognition and rights management is particularly important for military and government projects.

Powerful information fusion and sharing performance

For all kinds of information private network transmission, independent operation, and incompatibility, ValueSTek Intelligent Interactive large screen achieves cross-network compatibility, format compatibility, and system compatibility. Information from different networks, platforms, hardware, and operating systems can be displayed together to improve the efficiency of the comprehensive use of information.

Efficient information interaction and synergy

ValueSTek Intelligent Interaction System emphasizes the usage of data information and pays attention to the synergistic role of data information. Through data fusion and compatibility, information flow on demand, cross-network linkage of the system, and seat interaction, ValueSTek Intelligent Interaction System achieves fast assistant decision-making and improves command and control ability. These functions are very important for the construction of the command center project.

By describing the four key performances of the Smart Interactive screen, we can provide some useful references for you to choose an interactive large screen.