How to Choose the LED Display Correctly?

In recent years, LED display technology has continued to advance and develop, and the demand for LED display products in different industries has continued to increase. However, with the growth of demand for LED display screens, a large number of LED display manufacturers have poured in, and the major led display manufacturers are not the same. The price of the LED display is erratic and shows an increasing trend. When you choose the LED display, you should not only consider the price but also how to choose a LED display manufacturer( with excellent quality. For this reason, it is recommended to pay attention to the following three aspects when choosing a led display screen.

led display

1. LED lamp beads of the led display

For LED displays, the liquid crystal tube can be said to be the most important part of the entire led display device, and its cost can generally account for half or even 70% of the cost. Therefore, usually, the construction party will also write the configuration of the display equipment and so on when listing the plan list to the customer. This generally includes the brand, size, and related products of the die. For dies on the market today, though the functionality may not be much worse. But the prices of different led display brands are very different. Therefore, when you are understanding the solution, regardless of the configuration. You also need to carefully consider the brand characteristics.

2. The steel structure of the LED display

For the led display structure, its proportion in the entire cost is the same as that of the driving method. But in terms of equipment configuration, there is also a wealth of knowledge. For example, on the box body of the equipment, some equipment is a simple case, and some seem simple but are waterproof. For different types, their differences are mainly reflected in whether they have a back door and the thickness of the box.

Embedded installation

In addition, there are many differences in the choice of structure, whether to choose modular splicing or to directly fix the light board on the box board. If it is a modular type, it is more convenient to maintain because it is more convenient to disassemble. If the box board is directly fixed, it is necessary to increase the difficulty of maintenance of the equipment.

3. After-sales service of the led display

The after-sales service of LED display equipment is often the place you are most likely to overlook. You would think that if things are adjusted, it will be fine, so what about after-sales service? When no problems were encountered, all think that after-sales is a decoration. But, due to the trouble of LED disassembly and high technical content, it is more important than ordinary equipment in the after-sales link. Many LED display manufacturers promise how long the after-sales service will be, but most of them send the faulty equipment back to the manufacturer for repair. If the led display manufacturer can find the bad point and deal with it by itself, it will not only save time but also be responsible to the customer.

When choosing an LED display, it is not only necessary to compare the size, brand, reputation, etc. of the manufacturer, but also pay special attention to after-sales service. In this way, the subsequent use and maintenance of the product will avoid many unnecessary troubles.