How To Efficiently Conduct Video Conferences?

With everything happening around COVID-19, video conferencing capabilities have become more necessary for businesses than ever. However, many are still unsure of what is required to video conference effectively.

video conference equipment

Below we’ve drawn up a list of 4 must-have pieces of technology that’ll you’ll need to be able to video conference effectively.

1. PC / Computer

This is something you probably already have. This is essential to running your video conferencing and complimentary collaboration software.

2. Windows/Office 365

Making sure you are running an up-to-date version of Windows 10 in conjunction with Office 365 will allow you to utilize platforms such as ValueLink, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, which are at the forefront of Video Conferencing at the moment

3. Interactive Screen

You will need a screen to view your video conference meetings on. We would heavily recommend an interactive screen with 4K resolution. This is because video conferencing now has many features that promote interactive collaboration within your conference calls, stimulating engagement within the meetings. Two-way interactivity will allow users to be part of the meeting, not just attend the meeting.

4. Conference camera / Speakerphone

Selecting the right Conference camera & Speakerphone will optimize your Video Conferencing experience. You must consider what camera and microphone will suit your environment best. Some important factors to take into consideration here are room size and depth.

We provide demonstrations and training on the above via free video conferencing sessions for clients to get complete answers to the above without having to participate in a face-to-face session.

Like you, we aim to help contain this virus by limiting physical gatherings and think we have the tools to help you achieve collaborative, meaningful online sessions.