Inclusive Solutions with IFP on Motorized TV Lift: ValueSTek is Fueling an Accessible and Equitable Education Environment

21 May, the third Sunday in May, is the 33rd National Day of People with Disabilities. The China Disabled Persons’ Federation held a press conference on the 15th, announcing that the theme of this National Day of People with Disability is “Improving the social security system and caring service system for the disabled, and promoting the all-round development of the cause of the disabled.” 

ValueSTek has dedicated itself to the education industry for more than 12 years with different kinds of education equipment and solution to improve that helps teachers, learners, and teams make meaningful interaction and collaboration. And ValueSTek does care about learners with disability a lot – how to help learners in wheelchairs can use IFP in the classroom accessibly and equally.

So, on the occasion of the 33rd National Day of People with Disability, to respond actively to the appeals by the country and care about and support people with disabilities as well, ValueSTek has released a new product of motorized TV lift for IFP, providing accessible facilities and services for people with disabilities. They should have the same opportunities as everyone else to participate in learning and collaboration.

The motorized TV lift for IFP is Humanity Design with some useful features:

  • 0.8-1.7 meters adjustable height allows different heights of users to write and touch on the IFP.
  • Keeping the memory of 4 preset heights to automatically raise or lower the target height with just a single press of the button bundled on the panel easily and quickly.
  • Considering safety, the motorized TV lift is rebounding for anti-entrapment when it encounters physical resistance to prevent getting caught by the equipment.

With IFP mounting on the motorized TV lift, users in wheelchairs can enjoy the interaction on the panel with ease and happiness, with no embarrassment and helplessness anymore, and enable them to follow suitable educational paths.

People-oriented, ValueSTek is doing its best to promote the right to equality and the meaningful participation of persons with disabilities in the life of our societies.