Introducing Our New Company Brand: ValueSTek

ValueTek started as an OEM factory of interactive whiteboard, IR touch frame, and interactive display. Now, 12 years later, we offer a suite of products and solutions that help people teach and learn, work and communicate more smart and productive.

Today, we’re upgrading our company branding to be clearer about the products and solutions that come from ValueTek. So, ValueTek is ValueSTek now.

ValueTek transforms into ValueSTek

The new branding was designed by adding the letter of “S” ( short for “Smart” and “Solution” ) between “Value” and “Tek” and making it “ValueSTek”. It is a change from an OEM factory to a solution provider, from a single product offering to a smart turnkey solutions offering.  

Our comprehensive set of smart hardware and smart solutions for unified collaboration span education, enterprise, and government systems, with a full range of interactive displays, PTZ cameras, microphones, video recording software ValueRec for online learning, and campus-wide devices management software ValueDMS and video collaboration solutions, etc.. We are flexible on different products to compose different professional and customized solution for different demands and applications that powers smart education and authentic human connection and collaboration and are trusted by teachers, students, and business leaders all over the world.

This brand change is a better way to Create, Share and Contribute more value to Customers, Staff, and Society with the best interaction and collaboration.