More Stronger and more practical professional camera – PTZ camera

What is a professional camera? Most people’s first impression should be the shoulder-mounted radio and television camera. The shoulder-mounted camera is indeed very professional, but it is not very convenient in actual operation, and the cameraman needs to perform real-time action for image ingestion. So is there a professional camera that is more maneuverable and more practical? The answer is yes, we will bring you into the world of PTZ cameras today!

ValueTek PTZ cameras

What is a PTZ camera? What do P, T, and Z mean?

PTZ camera is the Pan/Tilt/Zoom, which represents the pan/tilt omnidirectional (up, down, left, and right) movement and lens zoom control, and realizes horizontal, vertical, and ZOOM three-dimensional image acquisition. It looks like a simple three letters, but many functions are implemented!

P: pan, which means that the camera moves in the horizontal direction, that is, the rotation of the camera

T: Tilt, which represents the movement in the vertical direction, that is, the pitch of the camera lens

Z: Zoom, which means zooming, that is, adjusting the focal length of the camera

What are the advantages of PTZ cameras?

The first is the viewing range. The camera can achieve a nearly 360-degree panoramic view through the PTZ. For example, the horizontal viewing angle of the Lumens PTZ camera is as high as 340° (-170°~+170°). It can be said that one camera can control the whole scene!

Second, PTZ has a powerful scene localization function. For example, the hand-in-hand meeting, widely used in conferences today, uses the preset function of PTZ to carry out camera linkage, to achieve the effect of scene positioning and person tracking.

The PTZ camera can show the details of the picture more clearly. Through the high-speed motor head of PTZ, the image can be zoomed and zoomed quickly, and the scene details can be easily obtained.

PTZ camera for video conferencing

The ValueSTek PTZ camera adopts a high-speed silent pan/tilt design, which keeps the environment quiet while zooming at high speed, which is very suitable for conference rooms and lecture halls.

PTZ camera for video conferencing

Features of PTZ Camera

Intelligent anti-collision mechanism

When an external force impacts the ValueSTek PTZ camera, the lens will be dislocated, and the lens will automatically return to the position before the force to restore the original picture position.

Anti-jam protection mechanism

When ValueSTek PTZ cameras are interfered with by external force for a long time, the lens will be dislocated, and the camera will automatically enter the standby state to effectively protect the gimbal motor.

Shaft distribution mechanism, two shafts move at the same time

The ValueSTek PTZ camera can perform a tilt operation at the same time when tilting, that is, the two PT axes can be performed at the same time, which is efficient and time-saving.