Top 10 Features of Interactive Display

Intelligent devices are becoming more and more popular. For users, simple and fast operation experience has become the most important factor for purchasing conference monitors and teaching monitors. The interactive display, as a display that can complete all operations by directly touching the screen, has become the first choice for smart displays.

ValueSTek interactive displays

What are the advantages of interactive displays? Read on to learn about the 10 most powerful advantages of interactive displays.

1. The interactive displays can quickly detect touch and locate

Various touch screen technologies rely on their sensors to work, and some touch screens are even a set of sensors themselves. The respective positioning principles and the sensors are used to determine the response speed, reliability, stability, and life of the touch screen.

The sensor method of the touch screen of the touch all-in-one machine also determines how the touch screen recognizes the problem of multi-touch, that is, what to do if more than one point is touched at the same time. What to do when someone touches it and someone touches it next to it? This is a touch screen The problems that often occur during use are currently being continuously improved.

2. Interactive displays are transparent

It directly affects the visual effect of the touch all-in-one machine. Transparency, in the touch screen industry, is just a general concept. Many touch screens are multi-layer composite films. It is not enough to summarize its visual effect with a little transparency. It should include at least four characteristics: transparency, color distortion clarity, reflectivity, and clarity.

Of course, based on these four characteristics, it can be further subdivided. For example, the degree of reflection includes the degree of specular reflection and the degree of diffraction reflection. However, the diffraction reflection on the surface of our touch screen has not yet reached the level of a CD. For users, these four characteristics are enough.

3. Absolute coordinate system

The touch all-in-one machine adopts the absolute coordinate system, and you can directly click on whichever you want to choose. The essential difference from the relative positioning system such as the mouse is the intuitiveness of one-time positioning.

The characteristic of the absolute coordinate system is that each positioning coordinate has nothing to do with the last positioning coordinate. It is a set of independent coordinate positioning systems physically. The data of each touch is converted into the coordinates on the screen through calibration. In this way, it is required to touch No matter what the coordinates of the screen are, the output data of the same point is stable. If it is unstable, then the touch screen cannot guarantee absolute coordinate positioning, and the point is inaccurate. This is the most feared problem of the touch screen: it cannot output accurately. user behavior.

In terms of technical principles, any touch screen that cannot guarantee the same sampling data for each touch at the same point will inevitably drift. But for touch screens with good performance and quality, the drift is not very serious.

4. Easy to operate: Just touch the relevant department buttons on the screen with your fingers to enter the information world. The relevant information can include text, animation, music, video, games, etc.

5. The touch all-in-one machine has a friendly interface: customers can clearly understand all the information, prompts, and instructions on the touch all-in-one machine without having professional knowledge of computers. The interface is suitable for customers of all levels and ages.

6. Rich information: The amount of information storage is almost unlimited, and any complex data information can be included in the multimedia system, and the information is rich in types, which can be audio-visual, and the changeable display effect is exciting.

7. Quick response: The system adopts cutting-edge technology, and the response speed for large-capacity data query is also instant, without bothering to wait, and it reaches the speed of “one second”.

8. Good expandability: the touch all-in-one machine has good expandability, which can add system content and data at any time, and provide convenience for future networking and multi-database operations.

9. Dynamic networking: The system can establish various network connections according to user needs, such as internal connections and external links with the company. The Internet of enterprise is connected to the external Internet.

10. Safe and reliable: the touch all-in-one machine can run continuously for a long time without any impact on the system. The system is stable and reliable, with no errors or crashes in normal operation; it is easy to maintain. The system includes a management and maintenance system with the same interface as the demonstration system, which can conveniently perform management operations such as addition, deletion, modification, and query of data content.