ValueSTek Smart Digital Classroom Solution Reported by TV Channel in Indonesia

The advent of the Internet era has changed the traditional education model. ValueSTek has been exploring and promoting the deep integration of advanced information technology and education and teaching. The ValueSTek interactive smart board is equipped with ValueBoard-Edu whiteboard software and ValueDMS software, combined with VT-CAM101P PTZ camera, Education Microphone suit, and innovative teaching methods to better help teachers break through the teaching mode of single instillation, and highlight the interactive education that focuses on enlightenment form.

In order to enable students to cross geographical boundaries, ValueSTek has developed this remote interactive educating solution. Students can interact with teachers across the screen without delay. Information technology makes learning break through the limitations of physical space.

Improving the quality and effectiveness of teaching is an inevitable direction and trend for the development of preschool education in the digital age. After ValueSTek has reached strategic cooperation with Indonesian entrepreneurs and educators, the three parties will jointly explore new and characteristic smart teaching forms in line with “intelligence, efficiency, and digitalization” based on their respective resource advantages, so as to drive the high-quality development of education.