What is the Use of LED Wall Displays?

In shopping malls, streets, and other different scenes, the LED wall can be seen everywhere, so what is an LED screen? In what scenarios can we use LED walls?

HD led display screen

What is LED Wall?

LED-wall (LED display) is a kind of flat panel display, which consists of small LED module panels, and is used to display various information such as text, images, and videos.

The LED electronic display integrates microelectronic technology, computer technology, and information processing. It has the advantages of bright colors, wide dynamic range, high brightness, long life, and stable and reliable operation.

LED displays are widely used in commercial media, cultural performance markets, stadiums, information dissemination, news releases, securities trading, etc., which can meet the needs of different environments.

LED-Wall is mainly used for information release:

  1. It can display various computer information, graphics, pictures, and 2D/3D animations, with rich playback modes, displaying scrolling information, notification slogans, etc., and storing a large amount of data information.
  2. There are a variety of Chinese characters and fonts to choose from, and many foreign languages such as English, French, German, Greek, Japanese, and Russian can also be input.
  3. The broadcasting system has multimedia software, which can flexibly input and broadcast a variety of information; it can play text information, and the playback form can be scrolled, scrolled, lead-in and lead-out mode, can be moved up, moved left, and messages can be played cyclically. out. The font size can be selected arbitrarily, the playback speed can be set, and multiple pieces of information can be broadcast at the same time, or broadcast simultaneously with animations and images.
  4. Date, time display, or character string and expression display can be performed.
  5. Playing the weather forecast.
  6. Release of other public information.

Application of LED Wall

1. Exchange, Financial Information Display

This field of LED display accounts for more than 50% of the domestic LED display demand in the past few years, and there is still a large demand.

field of LED display accounts

2. Airport Flight Dynamic Display

The requirements for the display screen in the airport construction are very clear, and the LED display screen is the selected product of the flight accommodation display system FIDS (Flight Information Display system).

Airport Flight Dynamic Display

3. Port and station passenger guidance information display

The information system and broadcasting system, train arrival and departure display system, ticketing information system, etc. with the theme of LED display civilian together constitute the automation system of the passenger transportation hub, which has become an important part of the technical development and transformation of domestic railway stations and ports.

4. Gym Display Information

As the main means of game information display and live broadcast of the game, the LED display has replaced the traditional lighting and CRT display, and the LED display has become an essential competition facility in modern stadiums.

5. Media New Product Promotion

The business promotion and information LED display in the postal service, telecommunications, shopping malls, and other service fields have also been adopted. In addition to a single large-scale indoor and outdoor display as media promotion, cluster LED display systems, train LED display release systems, etc. are extremely common.

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