Why Does Interactive Display Play an Important Role During Modern Education

interactive display for education

The advantages of ValueHub Interactive Display and their positive impact in the field of education.

Traditional educational tools and instruments are no longer sufficient to create an interactive learning environment between students and teachers. With the development of technology, we have many educational tools to provide students with the necessary positive educational enthusiasm, including tools: ValueHub Interactive Display.

What are the most important features of ValueHub Interactive Display?

ValueHub Interactive Displays contain many programs that facilitate the educational process, which multiplies the benefits of interactive displays by the diversity of these programs, functions, and features included, including.

• The interactive display can connect to the student’s device, transfer all the educational material that has been covered to their device, and save it for them to return to at any time.

• If connected to the board, students can use their own devices to answer the questions on the board.

• The possibility of recording courses and lectures using audio and video

• ValueHub Interactive Display can also be used for distance education by connecting students’ devices to it and explaining it, as well as recording lectures and courses that are explained and sent to students.

• Use the interactive display smart pen to convert geometric shapes from regular hand-drawn to regular shapes.

• The ability to use intelligent speech and images on the board, as well as the ability to move some of them with your fingers.

Why is this interactive approach more useful than traditional educational methods?

The advantages of an interactive display machine are not limited to the ability of the teacher or student to use and benefit from it during or after the explanation process, but rather the interactive approach on which the board relies ensures a better outcome for the educational process itself by

• Information is displayed in a variety of ways through the use of pictures, videos, maps, and illustrations to facilitate the exchange of information with students and improve their absorption.

• Research has proven that teaching through interactivity helps save time and effort for both students and teachers, as well as the possibility of easily retrieving information.

• Provides the cost of materials needed to provide traditional annotation tools and tools that consume very fast.

• Solve the problem of an insufficient number of teachers in some educational institutions, as one teacher can use the interactive display to explain to multiple classes at the same time.

To obtain an interactive display and take advantage of its features, you can contact Value Smart Tech Co., Ltd, which offers high-quality products and guarantees you access to after-sales service, technical advice, and other services that will enable you to benefit from the product as needed.