Don’t Let The Projector Interfere With Your Meeting! It’s Time To  Interactive Screens With Meetings

Nowadays, most enterprises use interactive screens to display and share information than using the projector. We can see interactive screens in corporate conference rooms, training rooms, and teaching places.

intelligent interactive screens

Due to before buying a projector, you need to consider various issues like which brands to buy. How much screen size to buy? How long is the VGA cable? Now more and more companies are beginning to phase out projectors and choose intelligent interactive screens.

What are the disadvantages of projectors compared to interactive screens?

  1. Debugging is too cumbersome.
    It is relatively easy to adjust the display mode, brightness, and contrast. The most troublesome thing is to adjust the focus. Every time you twist it left and right to focus clearly, there will be a virtual focus problem after a projection period, so you have to do it again. Focusing is troublesome.
  2. High maintenance cost.
    In daily use, special attention should be paid not to let dust enter the inside of the projector and not to stain the screen, which will greatly affect the projection effect, and pay attention to the use time of the projector. If the projector is used for a day, If it is too long, the machine will heat up very seriously, thereby reducing the service life of the bulb. After each use, also cut off all power and put the machine away.
  3. High requirements for the use environment.
    Projectors are generally only used in dark environments. If they are used in a high-brightness conference room, the picture will be severely whitened, the resolution will be low, and the projection effect will be poor. If the lights are turned off, and the curtains are drawn, the conference room will become a “black room” in seconds. The light is so dark; how do you take notes?
  4. Low lamp life
    The service life of a projector is usually around 4000-6000 hours, and it is expensive to replace a projector bulb. If you replace the lamp two or three times, you can buy a new projector.

ValueTek interactive screens save inefficient meetings

Unlike the original conference display equipment, ValueSTek LED intelligent conference all-in-one machine integrates high-definition display, video conference, wireless transmission and touch writing, human-computer interaction, and other functions. It is suitable for large conference rooms, multi-function halls, exhibitions, etc. Large scenes can significantly improve the efficiency of meeting collaboration.

especially smartboard interactive displays

Compared with the projector, the latest interactive screen is a standardized product that integrates the power supply and control system. It has the advantages of convenient and fast installation and usage convenient, and its life is long, which can meet the growing demand of the smart conference market.

Advantages of ValueSTek Interactive Display

1. ValueSTek interactive display is an intelligent integrated product, which can be used immediately after booting without any debugging and can save time when installation.

2. The screen of the ValueSTek interactive display is 4K ultra-high-definition. In daily use, any information on the display can be seen very clearly without closing the curtains of the room. Viewers will not feel that the room is insufficiently lit when taking notes.

3. The service life of the ValueSTek interactive display is at least 50,000 hours, which is 10 times that of projector bulbs, which greatly reduces maintenance costs.

Let ValueSTek interactive displays enrich your meetings.