Fantastic Interactive Flat Panels Technology

Interactive displays are powered by touch technology, a term that refers to technology that allows touches to be detected and placed on the display area of the screen.

There are various types of touch technologies on the market today. All of these allow you to touch on the interactive display. However, they work differently and offer a variety of benefits for a variety of applications and needs.

ValueSTek interactive flat panels combine several types of touch technologies to best adapt to different applications of interactive displays for any need in any field.

Here are the different types of touch technologies used by wrapping monitors:

Advanced Infrared

Infrared (IR) touch technology works in conjunction with beam-breaking technology. Infrared light is projected on the display surface and received on the screen’s other side. The beam whose trajectory is interrupted detects a touch.

Infrared touch technology has improved rapidly over the years and has brought many benefits to interactive display users. It scales very economically to larger sizes, which makes it an ideal solution for larger displays.

Advanced infrared touch technology allows multiple touch points to be touched simultaneously. It also supports object recognition, distinguishing between thin nibs, fingers, and palms.

ValueSTek interactive flat panels

Interactive displays with advanced IR touch technology are an excellent solution in the educational field. They provide great scalability for large classrooms and allow group work to interact simultaneously. They are also suitable for small and medium businesses that want an intuitive, adaptable display for all their meeting and meeting needs.

The ValueSTek interactive flat panels utilize advanced IR touch technology to provide stunning expandable displays for various applications. The  Z Generation ValueHub PRO and ValueHub PRO+ series combine advanced infrared touch technology with zero/ optical bonding for a smoother and more accurate touch experience.


Unlike IR, P-cap (projected capacitive) touch technology works under the display glass. A conductive sensor under the touchscreen’s glass detects touches with an electrical circuit’s help. When the P-cap technology detects an electrical charge, you can write on the touchscreen with anything that conducts electricity, including your fingers.

The iPhone brings P-cap technology to consumer products. It provides users with an intuitive, fast and responsive touch experience. P-caps don’t scale like IR technology and are better suited for smaller monitors.

Interactive displays with P-cap touch technology are an excellent solution for business and higher education. They provide reliable displays for small meeting rooms and classrooms for various purposes.

If the interactive display incorporates P-cap touch technology, it provides a smooth, responsive writing experience that feels natural and intuitive to the user.

InGlass™ IR

InGlass™ is an advanced and improved infrared touch technology developed by FlatFrog, a Swedish pioneer of innovative interactive technology. InGlass™ utilizes frustrated total internal reflection (FTIR). The technology works by injecting wavelengths of light into the display’s glass and uses a patented algorithm to detect touch disturbances.

improved infrared touch technology developed by FlatFrog

Because InGlass™ does not require the sensor to be placed anywhere on the glass plate, light can pass through freely without interference, resulting in a brighter, clearer image. Additionally, the lack of a sensor eliminates the need for bezels, allowing for a slimmer bezel display.

InGlass™ touch technology brings real-time responsiveness and lag-free speed. It provides the smoothest writing and drawing experience compared to writing on paper with a pen.

Displays with InGlass™ touch technology are ideal for all corporate and educational sectors looking to embrace the latest and most innovative trends in interactive display technology. They fit into crowded spaces, meeting rooms, labs, and classrooms that require intuitive and exciting interactive collaboration tools.

ValueSTek offers a variety of interactive displays that can help you upgrade your workspace and make your team collaborate better. ValueSTek interactive displays utilize different touch technologies to ensure there is always a solution for your collaboration needs.