How to use Interactive Display to Improve Teaching and Learning

In the current environment, countries around the world are interested in developing educational strategies and are keen to provide all new means and electronic devices to help students achieve academic success and improve their absorptive capacity.

Many countries in recent years in the education policy, recommended the use of modern intelligent equipment to enrich the educational environment facilities, interactive display is the most popular intelligent educational equipment, many schools have started to use interactive display, but because they are not very familiar with an interactive display, there are some problems in the operation, therefore, the following is ValueTek introduce how to use ValueHub Interactive Display.

ValueHub Interactive Display integrates a projector, TV, PC, Speaker, Digital Signage, and interactive whiteboard. Once installed, all you need to do is a plugin and turn the machine on and off.

ValueHub Interactive Display’s standard state is Android, and we can use the wireless screencasting system to share the content from laptops, cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices to the interactive display. Then under Android, we have the standard meeting whiteboard software ValueBoard for users to record and discuss hot topics at any time, and also to save and mail meeting arguments at any time to make meetings more efficient. Of course under Android, you can see all the applications such as settings, camera, browser, welcome wall, etc.

Android and Windows systems of ValueHub Interactive Display can be switched with one click, via a switch channel under Android or Windows, or a button at the bottom of the interactive display.

Under Windows system is like using a laptop, you can install and use the required applications at will. Also for Windows, we have ValueBoard-Edu, a free educational whiteboard software, which provides a wealth of teaching tools and a variety of interesting educational content to help students learn various lessons more easily.

Whether on Android or Windows, the ValueHub Interactive Display allows for full channel annotation, allowing users to annotate key points at any time. In addition, ValueHub Interactive Display can also implement various functions such as a five-finger rest screen, alarm clock, and intelligent brightness adjustment, adding more interactivity and fun to both classroom and meeting.

The above is the basic usage of ValueHub Interactive Display, please kindly refer and try. Looking forward to showing a demo with you, please feel free to contact us at +86 186 2026 2961.