ValueSTek in Hilton

From time immemorial to the present, presentation and communication are everywhere. Then with the development of science and technology, the display of electronic products can be seen everywhere in today’s society, and the communication of electronic products happens all the time. How does ValueSTek present and communicate in this era? ValueSTek interactive display will show more display and communication for the world.

Recently, we received product feedback on interactive display from our partner that ValueSTek’s interactive display has been chosen by Hilton hotels.


ValueSTek’s interactive displays are mainly used in 2 places in the Hilton Hotel.

One place is in Hilton Hotel Lobby, the main function is to advertise and display: Promotional videos, welcome wall, notices, precautions, hotel navigation, etc.

Another place is in the Hilton Hotel conference room: ValueSTek has a variety of all-in-one computers, ValueHub is more suitable for offline face-to-face conference display and communication, ValueHub Pro and ValueHub Pro+ are used for online video conference display and communication, and the four sizes of 65/75/86/98 satisfy Use in conference rooms of different sizes.

Besides hotels, ValueSTek offers many solutions for education and corporate, various functions fit different places to use like classrooms, training rooms, showrooms, meeting rooms, exhibitions, studios, etc.