74 Classrooms Use ValueSTek Tablets for Teaching and Study, This School Effectively Promotes Smart Classrooms Like This!


Once the traditional teaching is a blackboard and a piece of chalk, it changed to the projector, interactive whiteboard, and all-in-one touch screen for multi-media classrooms, and now to the smart classroom with tablets, with the in-depth development of education information, Suqian branch of the Affiliated Middle School of Nanjing Normal University boarded the high-speed train of teaching, to build a smart teaching system with ValueTek smart classroom solution, students’ performance is greatly increasing, the school also be awarded a title of ‘Jiangsu Province Smart Campus Demonstration School’


Around 2020, the Suqian branch of Affiliated Middle School of Nanjing Normal University upgrade its information technology and introduce tablets into the classrooms. However, teachers and parents questioned: How to operate these tablets while teaching, whether the tablets can be used well and whether they are helpful to the improvement of students’ performance? Facing the new teaching tools and types, teachers were worried about facing the difficulties coming. On the other hand, parents also began to worry: children are naturally curious about tablets, which can easily distract their attention when they are having classes. Will the children be addicted to them, and will the shortsightedness problems become more serious?


In order to build a smart classroom, it is necessary to improve teachers’ information-based teaching levels. So Suqian branch of Affiliated Middle School of Nanjing Normal University has formulated guiding documents and relevant assessment mechanisms, established an intelligent teaching group, carried out regular training, and held seminars and feedback exchange meetings at various levels. For students, we have more learning content and materials for study before class, having class and after class to make learning and study more interesting. Moreover, our tablets are with adaptive screen brightness, smart resolution recognition, and blue light filtering function that protects students’ eyesight while they using tablets. 


  • The innovative teaching method of entertaining and entertaining allows students to have more active performance and become more confident.
  • Students’ performance is greatly increasing and likes to study more.
  • The school also been awarded the title of ‘Jiangsu Province Smart Campus DemonstrationSchool’

Some of the details of the main product

74 units 86” interactive displays

3688 units of tablet PC