Smartboard Interactive Display VS Electronic Whiteboard

With the rapid development of modern teaching technology, from traditional blackboard teaching to the current interactive equipment teaching, the interaction and interest of the classroom are continuously enhanced. With the rapid development of educational equipment technology, consumers are beginning to face more choices when purchasing products, especially smartboard interactive displays. As emerging high-tech teaching equipment, it integrates many functions, and it is easy for people to combine it with interactive electronic whiteboards. Equivalent to the same device. This article will distinguish between smartboard interactive displays and electronic whiteboards, and help you choose an interactive display or electronic whiteboard.

The difference between smartboard interactive displays and electronic whiteboards

At present, the electronic whiteboard in the market usually refers to an interactive electronic whiteboard, which is connected to a computer, uses a projector to project the content on the computer onto the whiteboard screen, and uses a specific positioning pen instead of the mouse and keyboard to operate on the whiteboard.

The interactive whiteboard(smartboard interactive displays)has achieved rapid development in China since 2005, and once became the leading teaching equipment in the field of multimedia teaching. The interactive display is a new product integrating a large-screen high-definition display, projector, PC, electronic whiteboard, TV, and audio.

As long as you turn on the power of the display, you can perform touch operations directly on the show, which is equivalent to a large-sized tablet.

The smartboard interactive displays were launched in 2010. In the context of in-depth education informatization, second-class brands have flourished. Due to the high degree of freedom of operation, it is now possible to replace interactive electronic whiteboards.

The display effect of electronic whiteboard and smartboard interactive displays is different

smartboard interactive displays and electronic whiteboards have different display principles. The electronic whiteboard is projected on the whiteboard by a projector, and relies on the reflection of the whiteboard to display the teaching content; while the smart display adopts an LED self-illumination system, with high brightness and high brightness (adjustable).

In terms of resolution, there is a certain gap between the two products. The current educational application projectors are generally 1024X768 or 1280X800, a few LCD projectors have a maximum resolution of 1600X1200, and interactive smart panels generally have a resolution of 1920X1080 (digital high-definition).

Therefore, under the same screen size, the interactive tablet can present more details, and the colors are more saturated and sharp. Such display devices can bring a better visual experience to teachers and students in the classroom.

The application of smart displays is not limited by the venue

Limited by the working principle, the electronic whiteboard cannot be used in the outdoor strong light and other environments and is often installed in classrooms and conference rooms with projectors. The interactive smart tablet has the characteristics of anti-glare resistance. It can be installed on the wall or can be installed on a tripod to move at will. The brightness can be adjusted according to needs. It has a wide range of applications and can maximize the use of resources.

At present, the interactive smart panels used in teaching are mainly in three sizes 65 inches, 75 inches, and 86 inches. For classrooms accommodating 30 to 80 people, their excellent display and interactive effects can fully meet the needs.

Previously, the use of electronic whiteboards and projections in large-scale ladder-type classrooms has always been the mainstream method, but in recent years, with the popularization of large-size interactive smart tablet products, the realization of multimedia teaching in the form of interactive smart tablets with projection equipment and curtains has become a new method. Trends and trends.

Interactive monitors don’t cost that much

From the perspective of initial investment, electronic whiteboards have become the mainstream equipment for educational informatization in the past few years because of their relatively simple technical structure and certain cost advantages.

Because of the high technical threshold and strong integration of interactive smart displays, the overall purchase price is relatively high. However, judging from the trend in the second half of 2012, based on the continuous promotion of technological progress by first-tier manufacturers such as Vision Technology and TCL, the overall cost of the interactive smart tablet has dropped to a certain extent, and it has become the first choice of more and more users.

From the perspective of later maintenance, the electronic whiteboard consists of several separated parts such as projectors and writing boards, and the regular maintenance of each part increases the total cost.

Projectors have a limited lamp life, typically no more than 3,000 hours, which means the lamp has to be replaced every one to two years. The light bulbs are expensive, at least $160 per bulb, which often discourages users.

The interactive smart tablet is characterized by low maintenance costs, with a test service life of about 60,000 hours, equivalent to a service life of about 10 years, and no need to spend manpower and material resources for replacement and other maintenance in the later stage.

So why not try adopting the Smart Interaction Screen as the new display device in the classroom?

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