ValueSTek Hand-held Computers Read Campus Cards in Chinese Universities


Nowadays, with the information and digital application deeply, more and more universities are adopting “all-in-one” campus cards. Consists of a university back-end server, via RF IC cards and hand-held computers read, The campus cards work well and provide a services function comprehensive system platform for identification and E-pay. Besides, the various information application system based on the campus cards, apply involved teaching, managing, learning, and research. They can be used for time & attendance, canteens, supermarkets, school buses, libraries, computer labs, swimming pools, stadiums, etc.


  • Students hold varieties of cards, like student cards, library cards, meal cards, and school bus cards in traditional. It becomes a heavy burden for the university management teams to Collect and manage student cards data and costs are high.
  • Holding many cards at one time is a burden for students too.
  • Modernized campus management cannot be realized.
  • Traditional fixed card readers cannot be more convenient. And high maintenance costs.


To overcome the above problems faced by many universities in China, ValueTek VT-MT66C/VT-MT6R hand-held computers are deployed and RFID IC cards to use. This “all-in-one” card functions as a student card, library card, meal card, school bus card, shopping card, etc. University staff can use ValueTek hand-held computers to scan the card on any occasion. Identity verification or electronic payment can be done in seconds with high accuracy. And all these scanning records are synced to the university back-end server in real-time so that administrators can check all kinds of student info anytime and anywhere.


  • It provides tremendous convenience to teachers and students in identification and E-pay.
  • For universities, it helps reduce expenditures, facilitate information share, and improve the level of management and service.
  • It is conducive to enhancing the school image, helping to attract more students.
  • It enables electronic payment, eliminating the insecuritiessector of carrying cash.


Shanghai JiaoTong University, Guangzhou University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Chongqing University, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology North Campus, Nanjing Medical University, Wuhan Institute of Technology, Northwest University, South-central University For Nationalities, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Guizhou University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University, Changchun Normal University, Shandong University, Hefei University of Technology, Anhui University, Yan’an University, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus, Tongji University, Huazhong Agricultural University, Huaqiao University, China University of Petroleum.

PDA Configuration


Functions: HF RFID, PSAM, 4G/2G

ValueTek handheld computer